They who can give up essential liberty
to obtain a little temporary safety,
deserve neither liberty nor safety.

Benjamin Franklin, 1775


august 2017

at the (german) heise conference for secure software development (24-26 october 2017) I will do a talk about the (in-)security impact of processors and compilers on the machine code created.

my talk at heise secdev 2017 (german)

july 2017

attention: by availability for the rest of 2017 is already getting low!
and i just released version 8.6 of hydra

hydra at github

may 2017

i just released version 8.5 of hydra

hydra at github

april 2017

the new design of the web page is there :)
happy eastern!

december 2016

the year worked out perfectly well with interesting projects and a lot of work. thank you for your trust in me! i wish everyone a happy xmas and a wonderful new year!
my ipv6 pentest & security training will be held for a last time for north america at the cansecwest security conference in vancouver from the 12-13th march 2017.
inhouse training are possible though, just contact me.

IPv6 Pentest & Security Training, CanSecWest conference, 12-13 March 2017, Vancouver, Canada

october 2015

presentations, keynotes & trainings in singapore, spain, netherlands, austria, ... and i'm booked out until beginning of next year :)

march 2015

many presentations and keynotes at international conferences, booked out with projects - thank you for a great 2014!

what makes my work & results special

  • it-security competence since 1994
  • clarity on vulnerabilities in your critical infrastructures
  • practical and down-to-earth recommendations which respect the organisation and processes
  • know-how transfer with the results and better awareness among your team
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